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Autistic Empaths is a project and book in the making about sensory processing sensitivity as a trait and how it manifests on the Autism Spectrum (ASD), in Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), ADD/ADHD, synesthesia, BPD, addiction, and other conditions. Sensory processing sensitivity is the official term for what has been called the trait of high sensitivity; people who self-identify with it call themselves Highly Sensitive People, or HSPs. The trait includes increased empathy, depth of processing, overstimulation, and sensitivity to subtleties.

On embodied trauma and healing

I've been learning and thinking a lot about trauma recently, the ways it shows up in our bodies, or in the challenges we have being in our bodies. 

Trauma, both developmental/complex and acute, reaches far deeper than I ever knew. It can show up as seizures, food sensitivities, autoimmune disease. It can hide, buried beneath resiliency and loud "I'm fine"s, sneaking out as insomnia or disordered eating or addictions or an inability to let love nourish us. It can force us out of our bodies, distanced from our own experience in order to function. 

And healing - uncovering our strategies which served to help us survive to this point in our lives, but limit our ability to live full and rewarding healthy lives full of choice and joy - is work. Hard, exhausting work. To heal without diving into the deep end and retraumatizing ourselves takes time and careful loving attention. Patience. Self-compassion. Trust in the process. 

Healing is everyday work. 

I try to think of the future. Each step we take to heal ourselves is one less trauma for the next generation to inherit. We do the work so we don't pass it on to our children (epigenetic changes attributed to trauma can persist 7 generations). And even if we don't want our own children, I personally believe as we heal ourselves we heal the collective, even if it's as simple as allowing our light and joy to shine on others. 

Thanks #rupikaur for poems that say all this in far fewer, more graceful words. 

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