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Autistic Empaths is a project and book in the making about sensory processing sensitivity as a trait and how it manifests on the Autism Spectrum (ASD), in Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), ADD/ADHD, synesthesia, BPD, addiction, and other conditions. Sensory processing sensitivity is the official term for what has been called the trait of high sensitivity; people who self-identify with it call themselves Highly Sensitive People, or HSPs. The trait includes increased empathy, depth of processing, overstimulation, and sensitivity to subtleties.

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In which I admit ASD is a social disorder

I do not often allow myself to consider that part of my neuro-difference is social. It is easier to walk away from a restaurant or bar and feel that my nervous system's depleted response is a result of the lights, reverberating sound, or symphony of smells, than it is to admit that the sheer effort of engaging is part of the picture.

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